The Man behind the camera

Where it all began

When I was young, my grandfather, Robert O. James (a.k.a. Bob), introduced me to the world of photography. He was a photographer, a lover of jazz music, and a major influence in my life. He nicknamed me "the professor" because of my thirst of knowledge and his belief that you should always equip yourself with education, because it is the key to success and a better life. Spending time with him grew my passion for curiosity, my observation skills, and my desire to use photography as an outlet to share my perspective of the world.

In high school I began carrying a camera with me everywhere I went; capturing moments with friends, family, and milestones in my life. I learned to capture the essence of the moment and the emotion behind it. Later in life I practiced street photography and learned the beauty of taking candid shots as a fly on a wall, letting the moment happen uninterrupted; and I've always enjoyed being in nature and photographing birds. This helped me develop my skills in photographing action, fast moving shots like in sports and events.

your life as art

As a professional photographer since 2015 I take pride in being able to use the skills I've learned to create an experience and a collection of portraits that is truly unique and memorable for you and your family.

My style of photography blends both traditional and photojournalism styles, creating natural images you will be proud to display on your wall. Each session is specially designed with you and your goals in mind and as an artist, my goal is to enhance the features that make you unique.

“My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport.”

- Steve McCurry

5 Fun facts about me . . .

  1. I've been a vegetarian for more than 20 years
  2. Sunrise is my favorite time of day
  3. I am a deep sea fisher
  4. As a kid I dreamed of playing Major League Baseball
  5. I am the King of Google - I Google EVERYTHING!

"The camera gave me an incredible freedom. It gave me the ability to parade through the world and look at people and things very closely."

—Carrie Mae Weems